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Fuzz Face... Big Muff.. Foxx Tone Fuzz.. Yeah, it can do that too.

Based on multiple classic circuits, the hornet fuzz can tackle almost any fuzz style you want. Fuzz Face style highs that cut, Big Muff Low end, and the Foxx Tone Complex Fuzz style.

Guaranteed to be the loudest, and one of the most excited fuzzes you'll play.

Dial in the guitar volume knob to get the coveted germanium fuzz clean-up, or go full blast into complete oblivion.


Pedal Features:

- NOS Hand Selected Germanium Transistors

- WIMA Film Capacitors

- Nichicon & Panasonic Electrolytic Capacitors

- Neutrik & Lumberg Input Jacks

- 9V DC Power Jack (Boss Style)

- Soft Click Footswitch

- True Bypass

All of our original pedals come with a 2-year warranty!

Hornet Fuzz

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