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Who We Are

Welcome to DPE Pedals.  We're passionate about building original circuits that are influenced by the best historical designs, but strive to push the envelop of tone further.  We hand build everything and obsessively source the best circuit components.  Each pedal goes through a rigorous testing and iteration process – we experiment, we select the perfect transistors, capacitors, resistors, switches, etc – we tune and balance the design for flexibility, power, simplicity and price point.  At the end of the day, we don't ship a pedal until it has a truly great sonic character and offers something uniquely valuable to players.  Please reach out to us with your questions, ideas and feedback!

We are a Small Family owned shop. Everything we build is hand-made and hand-tested. We believe that customer service is the key for any business and will always go the extra mile to make sure our customers are 100% happy! 

I'm Derek Pettine, Owner of DPE Pedals. I am a Research Engineer by day, and guitar and tone enthusiast always. I've been building pedals for many years, mainly for myself and some local guys at our church, etc. 

We source all of our components from reputable suppliers and make sure the quality is top notch. If I can't trust them, I don't use them.

Germanium Transistors: There are thousands of fake germanium transistors flooding the market, and this is something we are extra cautious about. We have a couple of reputable suppliers we use for our stock, we don't just buy from any random place selling an "Authentic NOS Transistor", we have standards. What does this mean?...Well this means if our trusted suppliers can't get any more transistors, we will stop building until we can guarantee the authenticity of our parts, we're just not willing to sacrifice this aspect.

Reach out to us! We are always open to chatting and seeing what we can do to improve our service,

and even just spend countless hours talking gear, tone, pedals, guitars, etc. 

Follow us on social media to stay in contact with us!

- Derek Pettine

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