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Buzz Tone

We took the old-school Selmer Buzz Tone and created a new version that not only sounds better, but reacts better. Modified circuitry gives a smoother response throughout the gain ranges. Updated power section reduces floor noise at high gain, and helps keep voltages stable. The voltage selector switch acts as if you're adding sag to your tubes; we love this switch! 

Each pedal has an extensive germanium transistor selection process, each transistor individually tested, and fully biased to dial in the final sound.

Check out the videos to see for yourself!

Hornet Fuzz

Based on multiple classic circuits, the Hornet Fuzz can truly tackle almost any fuzz style you want. Fuzz Face style highs that cut, classic Big Muff low end, and the Foxx Tone complex fuzz. This pedal also may be the loudest you'll ever play!

Built with hand selected NOS germanium transistors.

Lonestar Fuzz

Everyone needs to own a classic Fuzz Face pedal. This one is versioned after the famed Cesar Diaz Texas Square Face fuzz. We modified it for a lower floor noise at high volumes, to create a fuzz tone that is exceptional.

Hand selected NOS germanium transistors are crucial to the tonal quality of a great fuzz. Check this out for a unique and amazing Fuzz Face variant.

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