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We took the old-school Selmer Buzz Tone and recreated a version that not only sounds better, but reacts better. Modified circuitry gives a smoother response throughout the gain ranges. Updated power section reduces floor noise at high gain, and helps keep voltages stable. Voltage selector switch - acts as different head room settings! & more! Check out the videos to see for yourself!

Each pedal has an extensive Germanium Transistor selection process, with each transistor individually tested, and then fully biased.

Pedal Features:

- NOS Hand Selected Germanium Transistors

- WIMA Film Capacitors

- Circuit Voltage Selection - 3V-6V-9V

- Internal Hi-Cut Trim

- Nichicon Electrolytic Capacitors

- Neutrik Input Jacks

- 9V DC Power Jack (Boss Style)

- Soft Click Footswitch

- True Bypass

All our original pedals come with our 2-year Warranty!

Buzz Tone

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