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Hornet Fuzz

We're super excited to welcome the Hornet Fuzz to our offerings! This is a pedal we've been working on for over 6 months now, cutting no corners, tweaking to absolute perfection, and never settling.

Based on 3 NOS hand selected germanium transistors. Built to incorporate the Classic beauty of a Fuzz Face, the depths of a Big Muff, and the complexity of the Foxx Tone, and every variant in between. Guaranteed to be the loudest, and one of the most excited fuzzes you'll play. ​ Dial in the guitar volume knob to get the coveted germanium fuzz clean-up, or go full blast into complete oblivion.

Pedal Features:

- NOS Hand Selected Germanium Transistors

- WIMA Film Capacitors

- Nichicon Electrolytic Capacitors

- Neutrik Input Jacks

- Hi-Cut Toggle

- Low-Cut Toggle

- Voltage Bias Toggle

- True Bypass

- 9V DC Power Jack (Boss Style)

- Soft Click Footswitch

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