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Lonestar Fuzz

Texas Style Fuzz Face


Everyone needs to own a classic Fuzz Face pedal. This one is versioned after the famed Cesar Diaz Texas Square Face Fuzz. We modified it for a lower floor noise at high volumes, for a Fuzz that you'll absolutely love!

Hand Selected NOS Germanium Transistors are selected specifically for this build, no exceptions for the best.


Each transistor set used in these pedals is hand tested and verified. Once we complete the testing each individual pedal is specifically hand biased for that pedal.

Pedal Features:

- NOS Hand Selected Germanium Transistors

- WIMA Film Capacitors

- Nichicon Electrolytic Capacitors

- Neutrik/Lumberg Input Jacks

- 9V DC Power Jack (Boss Style)

- Soft Click Footswitch

- True Bypass

All of our original pedals comes with a 2-year warranty!

Lonestar Fuzz

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